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Our Favorite Bathroom Remodel of 2018

The bathroom is a part of the house that you use daily. Likely one of the first rooms you enter in the morning, and the room you retreat to for your nightly routine. While it provides significant utility to your home, it should also provide a feeling of relaxation, a space to unwind.

At Kingswood, we pride ourselves on all of our remodeling projects and the joy it brings to our customers – but every now and again, even we have to take a step back and admire the impressive work and creativity of our design team.

Before: Disjointed Layout and Outdated Decor

The original bathroom layout included a bulk head at the hallway to both the closets and back toilet area. The stand-up shower located at the back of the bathroom across from the toilet was awkwardly placed and inconvenient to access, especially since it was used daily.

The outdated details and disjointed layout made for a dysfunctional space rather than a relaxing oasis.before bathroom remodel


After: Why We Love It

From a claustrophobic corner to an in-home retreat, this bathroom underwent a complete transformation. By removing the rarely used jacuzzi tub and replacing it with a spacious tile shower, it now better meets the needs of this couple and has become a functional focal point in this bathroom.

Because this couple’s “must-have” list included a new, larger double bowl vanity, our team was able to take space from the adjacent walk in closets to grow the size of the vanity. To make up for the lost closet space, we were able to expand the second walk-in closet to include the area that the old shower previously occupied.

After bathroom remodel

A few new additional features include:

Custom Vanity

This custom built wooden vanity includes plenty of storage space with access to outlets on either end. Once a cramped, single use bathroom is now perfectly spacious for a couple.

Updated Window

Many homeowners struggle with design options when a large window is inside their bathroom space. Natural light from the window is desirable, but privacy is a main concern. Our experienced designer knew exactly what type of window options to explore to offer privacy and design appeal.

New Lighting

The 3-light vanity fixtures above the mirrors and recessed lighting throughout makes this a well-lit haven. Additionally, we included an automatic lighting feature in each of the walk-in closets when you open and close each of these doors.

Heated Flooring

This couple chose to warm their remodeled space by including a heated flooring system underneath their tile. Heated floors are the perfect way to keep your space cozy throughout the year.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors in a master bathroom is practical, but these homeowners thoughtfully added one door with a full length mirror, and a second paneled door with frosted glass to offer privacy to the toilet area – two features that make these functional doors aesthetically pleasing.

Linear Shower Drain

The base of most showers have a standard one piece shower pan sloping around a center drain. This shower boasts a modern linear drain located along one end of the shower, under the plumbing fixtures. Therefore, we were able to use the same wall tile on the floor of the shower and slope these long tiles down toward the drain, creating a clean, consistent look.

Shower Accessories

The recessed shower niche within the tile surround is a nice complement to the corner shelves, adding a focal point with the mosaic accent tile. The same mosaic accent is striped down the center of the plumbing fixtures, which beautifully balances the linear tile.

The custom quartz corner seat, corner shelves and threshold are made from the same quartz as the vanity countertop, adding continuity to the whole space and contrast to the lighter tile.

After bathroom remodel

The Kingswood Approach

From design to execution, the Kingswood Approach focuses on the customized process of kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Watch your designs come to life through initial consultations, product selections, and installation – your voice is heard every step of the way. If you have a project in mind, we’d love to hear about it! The sooner you contact us, the sooner your remodel could be at the top of your favorite remodels list (and ours too).