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2019 Kitchen Trends We Love

Did you know that on average, almost 3 hours of your day is spent in the kitchen? The kitchen should be beautiful, a place you enjoy, as it’s the hub of the home. Since this room holds such significance, it can’t hurt to keep up to date with the latest kitchen design trends.

Whether you are redesigning, renovating, or undergoing a complete remodel, let these new kitchen trends inspire you now and later down the road. And because we appreciate a lasting love for the kitchen, we’ve selected top trends in 2019 that we believe are here to stay.

Matte cabinetry

Matte cabinetry is living in the spotlight in 2019. If you are looking for a mix of classic and trendy, consider bringing matte finishes into the kitchen. A matte surface allows for flexibility when it comes to cleaning, as its more forgiving and is less prone to scratches. Choose from an array of color options to add character and personality to your space.

Contrasting materials/styles

2019 is an ideal time to embrace the mixture of natural colors, textures, and materials. Sustainable materials, like Quartz or Granite, will blend perfectly with bold textures (que matte cabinets) to create a strong presence in the modern kitchen. Combine wooden textures with brass hardware and detailing for a mixture of sleek and organic.

newly renovated kitchen

Statement lighting

The success or failure of the lighting you choose determines the mood in your kitchen. Usually, pendant illumination is ideal over the kitchen sink or above the kitchen island. When hung over the kitchen island, it not only provides functional lighting but also boosts the décor in the kitchen. Four primary forms of lighting you should consider are task lights, ambient, accent, and decorative light.

Open shelving

Open shelving is ideal if you want to decorate your kitchen while allowing for extra storage space. Floating wooden shelves are optimal to display dishware, glassware and other kitchen treasures. This open form of storage encourages tidiness and offers minimalism without overcrowding your kitchen cabinetry.

newly renovated kitchen

Subway tiles

Subway tile is a consistent favorite when it comes to kitchen trends. Despite how long we’ve loved them, subway tiles are here to stay. Easy to clean while protecting most surfaces, subway titles are the answer for a clean, sleek look and feel in any size kitchen. White tiles will brighten your kitchen creating the idea of a larger space and a minimalistic feel. If you’re looking for something a bit more edgy, be creative with tile directions and grout choices. For an illusion of higher walls, we like a vertical subway tile and for added dimension, a contrasting grout.  

The bottom line is that kitchen designs matters. You deserve to enjoy this special room in which you spend most of your life sharing meals and memories with your family. So, in 2019, we encourage you to be bold and experiment with the best kitchen styles that excite you!

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