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Our Favorite Kitchen Remodel of 2018


The remodeling process is always special – watching ideas become reality, and old spaces be given new life never seems to get old. No matter the budget or scope of work, the finished product brings excitement and satisfaction, to both our clients and our team.

However, some transformations have really stopped us in our tracks. That is why we are excited to share with you our favorite kitchen remodel of 2018! A project that truly wowed even the experts, we are here to share the before, the after, and all the features that make this new space spectacular.

Before: A Broken Floor Plan

Before kitchen remodel

The first level of this home was broken into two distinct spaces, lacking an open floor concept conducive for the entertaining this family enjoys. The kitchen was separate from the dining room which overlooked the family room, creating an awkward and disjointed layout.

To add to the dysfunction of the layout, the kitchen lacked proper lighting, making it dark and drab. The appliances and counters were outdated, giving the family little incentive to spend time together in this space, cooking and hosting dinners.

For many families, kitchens are the generally the focal point for gathering – making memories around the table, partaking in cooking lessons where recipes are handed down to the next generation, or hosting a holiday party. This project was not just about updating a kitchen, but creating an inviting space for a family to share memorable experiences in.


After: Why We Love it

After kitchen remodel

Where do we start? The updated kitchen is unrecognizable, loaded with custom features, lighting accessories, and appliances we love. Some of the highlights of this remodel include:

Toe kick lighting

The toe kick lighting evenly balances light throughout this space in conjunction with recessed lights, pendant lights, and under cabinet lights. Great for offering subtle lighting after the dinner dishes are complete and the sun has set.

Built-up island edge

To elevate the overlook of the island, a focal point in the kitchen, we doubled the edge of the quartz island. Our talented fabricators worked diligently to make the seam in this built-up edge invisible.

Drop down tv screen

Whether it’s cooking, entertaining or just relaxing together, this family spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Therefore a television was on their “must have” list. Our designer incorporated a sleek drop down screen in a convenient location to not take up counter space, or be a distraction during meal time.

After kitchen remodelMicrowave drawer in island

Knowing that our customer prefers clean lines and no clutter, our designer encouraged her to incorporate her microwave in the island instead of over the stove or on a counter, as is typical in most homes. This affords easy access to getting things in and out of the microwave without having to reach overhead; and makes the cleaning process much easier.

Eclipse Full Access Cabinetry by Shiloh

The modern frameless cabinetry is not only sleek, but can offer up to 10% more interior space than framed cabinets. This kitchen remodel is not only centered around style, but also function.

Wine chiller and rack in island

Perfect for this family that loves to entertain, the wine chiller and rack accessible in the island makes for easy access and a fashionable and sleek storage space.

Glass cabinet door fronts

With floor to ceiling cabinets, the inclusion of glass door helps break up all the cabinetry. It also is a great way to insert color and personal touches without cluttering the counters.

Linear gas fireplace

We love this modern trend that provides ambiance, style and heat, making the room feel cozy and inviting.

Kitchen remodel with fireplace

Custom dining room table – coming soon!

Our customer was not having any luck finding a dining room table that she loved, so she visited the designer that spearheaded the entire renovation and the two came up with an idea for a custom dining room table. Kingswood Designs is in the process of building custom legs and we will fabricate quartz (from the exact material on her countertops) to be the table top. This portion of the project should be done in December.  

The Kingswood Approach

From design to execution, the Kingswood approach focuses on the customized process of kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Watch your designs come to life through initial consultations, product selections, and installation – your voice is heard every step of the way. If you have a project in mind, we’d love to hear about it! The sooner you contact us, the sooner your remodel could be at the top of your favorite remodels list (and ours too).