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Why Should You Work With a Countertop Fabricator?

A beautiful granite or quartz countertop brightens any kitchen or bathroom, and is often the focal point of the room. If you’re ready for a change in your home’s kitchen or bathroom, updating your countertops is a great place to start. It’s a high impact change that can refresh the look of a room without completing a full renovation. So when it’s time to take on a countertop project, working with a turn-key fabrication company will ensure the job is done right, from beginning to end.

What Does a Turn-Key Countertop Fabricator Do?

Beautiful countertops complete the look of this kitchen.At Kingswood Designs, we have countertop consultants who will assist you in the selection process, offer pricing and outline the scope of work to complete. Our consultants work closely with our countertop fabricators on every job. The fabricators at Kingswood Designs are full-time employees.  

Turn-Key countertop fabricators will:

Choose the best material

Our consultants are knowledgeable when it comes to choosing the best material for your home. They understand the different materials available, so they can recommend what will best meet your needs; providing insight on material patterning, veins, care and maintenance, as well as pricing.

Once you decide on what type of material is best for you, it’s time to pick the actual slab. For granite, you will be able to view and choose the exact slab(s) at a local warehouse. As a natural stone, it is important to view full slabs of granite to see coloring, veining and patterning. If quartz is your preferred countertop material, you will be able to view samples of all available colors in our showroom. Since quartz is man-made, the samples are a true representation of material.

Measure and template your project

To move forward with the project, our fabricator will visit your home to get accurate countertop measurements. A wooden template of your countertops will be created and used to cut the selected countertop material. In addition, our fabricators review the installation space and consider these details:

  • Sink base size – to know the size sink that will fit
  • Overhangs – as additional support may be needed
  • Corners – depending on the edge profile selected, customers may want corners to have a radius or clipped edge

Slab layout and fabricate the slab

At Kingswood, we fabricate countertops in the shop located directly below our showroom. Therefore, using the wooden template as a guide, customers can choose which areas of the slab to use, highlight or avoid. The slabs are then custom cut and polished to fit the exact dimensions of your project.

Our experienced fabricators are meticulous when it comes to vein matching the material at seams. The number of seams and the location of the seams is reviewed with the customer. It is our goal to minimize the visibility of seams as well as the number of seams used on each project. The following factors dictate the number of seams required:

  • The size of the material selected versus the size of the countertop space
  • Safety of material transportation and installation
  • Flow of the material pattern throughout the space

Install your countertops

When you’re working with the skilled fabricators at Kingswood Designs, you can rest assured that they have the experience necessary to get the job done right the first time. Our installation process takes one day. We will install your countertops, mount your sink(s) and drill the appropriate faucet hole(s). As a turn-key countertop fabricator, we also offer the following services:

  • Tear out and dispose of your existing countertop – which will happen the morning of your installation so you are never without a countertop
  • Coordinate one of our certified plumbers to install your faucet the same day we install your countertops (plus install garbage disposals, etc. if applicable)
  • Our countertop consultants can help you select the sink, faucet, garbage disposal, etc. – everything you will need the day of installation we can order and bring to the job

The Benefits of Working With a Countertop Fabricator

One of the biggest benefits of working with a countertop fabricator is we are involved in your countertop project from beginning to end. Kingswood Designs is your all-in-one solution that allows you to cut out third parties. That means you won’t be waiting on your counters to be cut to schedule your install. Your project will be completed in a timely manner, and you’ll always know what’s going on in the process.

At Kingswood Designs, we know the value a countertop fabricator provides to our clients. That’s why we keep full-time fabricators on our staff and fabricate all our countertops in-house. At Kingswood, we:

  • Have remnants available at a discounted price. These are perfect for bathroom vanities, bar tops, fireplace hearths and more
  • Have access to a variety of stone available in granite, quartz and Corian
  • Welcome customers to be involved in the slab layout process to highlight or avoid areas of their slab
  • Will order and hold your slabs if you are waiting on new cabinetry to be installed
  • Diligently match patterns and veins across seams to make them as invisible as possible

Kingswood Designs is dedicated to providing high quality products and services. Our countertop fabricators ensure a rewarding experience for our customers. Ready to kick-off your countertop project? Contact us today to discuss your vision.