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4 Steps to Remodeling Your Kitchen

Taking on a renovation project can be stressful, but with the help of an experienced remodeling company, all of your worries can be put to rest.

Before beginning a renovation, you must first choose a professional that’s right for your project. Working with a professional kitchen remodeling company affords you many advantages throughout the design, selection and installation process.

Design consultants are able to help you decide whether to reconfigure your existing space, or relocate walls, doors, and windows to make your kitchen more spacious and functional.

To choose a kitchen remodeler in Pittsburgh, we recommend:

Asking for referrals

Talking to former clients of remodeling companies can give you a lot of insight into the kind of work they do, and how they do it. Ask for a list of references and testimonials to review.

Ask for samples of work

Kitchen remodel with large windows

A reputable kitchen remodeler will be more than happy to show you some of their previous projects. If he or she takes pride in their work, that’s an excellent sign.

Ask questions like:

  • Did you complete previous jobs on time?
  • Do you install products with a warranty?
  • Do you specialize in kitchen remodeling?

At Kingswood Designs, our team includes not only expert installers, but talented designers as well. Our designers stay by your side throughout the entire project – they plan and manage every detail of your renovation.

We follow our proven Kingswood Approach to guide you through your kitchen remodel:

Step 1 – How Your Remodel Begins

You have to begin somewhere, right? That ‘somewhere’ does not mean stripping your kitchen down to the studs. The best way to begin is to put your plan in place and to start talking design.

For this step, we will pair you with one of our designers. You and your designer will discuss your expectations for remodeling your kitchen. We’ll also discuss your budget so we can ensure you’re comfortable throughout the entire process.

Once you and your designer are on the same page, they’ll need to visit your home to take measurements and view the space. They will also have you complete a questionnaire that will help us get a feel for what styles you like, what features you must have, and what you envision for your kitchen remodel.

Here are some of the things our designers will consider and will ask you about:

Size and Square Footage

The size of your kitchen will dictate its layout. Is there room for an island? Can you squeeze in some extra storage? Do you need to knock down a wall to maximize space? How much space can you comfortably add?

Existing Layout

One of the best ways to identify what you’re looking for is to look at what you currently have. We’ll want to know what you like about your current kitchen, and what you absolutely can’t live with or can’t live without.


To the best of our ability, we will consider and account for all your plumbing and electrical needs. Our designer will coordinate all of this work.


How do you usually entertain or cook? How is your kitchen used throughout the day? We want to know about your lifestyle so we can design your kitchen around it. Maybe you like to cook with the windows open, and you prefer to be able to see the kids playing in the backyard. As a result, we might consider designing your kitchen with your sink or workstations directly in front of your windows.


It’s important for us to understand your budget, so we know you’re comfortable every step of the way.

Step 2 – Your Design Comes to Life

At this point, your designer will take everything they’ve learned about you and put together preliminary designs for you to pick from. We will give you two design options to review. You can choose which one you like best, or combine elements from both of them!

One option will be at the lower end of your budget and the other will be at the higher end. We give you realistic estimates, so that you can decide what you are comfortable with when you are finalizing the details of your selections.

Step 3 – Products Selection

The fun begins! Once you have settled on a design, it is time to choose all aspects of your kitchen. Countertops, cabinetry, and fixtures need to be selected. All of these selections are made right here in our showroom. At Kingswood Designs, we’re your one-stop shop. Let your inner-designer out and choose materials and finishes that speak to you. Here are some things to consider:

Personal Taste

Start by eliminating any options that don’t align with your personal taste. If you don’t like it upon first sight, chances are it’s not going to grow on you.

Installation Timeframe

Kingswood Designs has full-time countertop fabricators on staff. This greatly reduces the time it takes for your countertops to be installed, because we cut out the middleman.

Still, there might be some timing differences depending on the materials you choose. For example, perhaps the cabinetry finish you select needs to be custom ordered. This will take some extra time, which could be the deciding factor for you to go with another material. We’ll make sure you understand how your material choices affect the timeframe of your kitchen remodel.


Focus on products that fit within your budget. Our designers will help guide you during the selection process. This will help ease your decision making. Of course, you can make exceptions!


On the other hand, do not compromise on quality because of price. This is one of the areas where working with a professional is so crucial. Our team helps you choose products that are high-end and durable, for the best possible price. We only install and work with the best, because we want your new kitchen to be a solid investment that will withstand wear and tear for numerous years.

Your Kitchen Remodeling Objectives

Why did you decide to go through with a kitchen remodel in the first place? Don’t forget your original motives when you’re selecting products. If your neighbor’s stunning granite countertops were your inspiration, ask to see something similar.

Step 4 – Install and Enjoy

Now your remodeling plan will become a reality! We will keep in close contact throughout the entire renovation process so you know what’s happening and what to expect.

Once complete, we will show you how everything works, and how to care for and maintain your new products and accessories.

With a solid plan in place, a kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be stressful. Our Kingswood Approach ensures your kitchen remodel is completed on time, on budget and with stunning results. Get in touch with us today to get paired with a designer and start planning your project!