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A Guide to Important Do’s and Don’ts For Your Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is the perfect way to update your home and make it more stylish and functional. Your main goal may be to stay on top of the trends, or perhaps you want a remodel to make your kitchen more functional for entertaining.

Before Remodeling:

Remodeled Kitchen by Kingswood Designs

Before you start remodeling, we recommend putting together a checklist to keep your project on track. You can check out our checklist here. This checklist should be your roadmap for what, who, when and how much you’ll spend on your project.

No matter your reason for remodeling, when you plan ahead and hire an experienced design professional, you’ll be able to transform your kitchen with minimal effort on your part. At Kingswood Designs we have years of experience remodeling kitchens. To make your remodel easier, here are some of our do’s and don’ts:

Do Your Research

Before you sit down with your designer, figure out your needs and wants. You should also think about what finishes and appliances you want in your new kitchen.

Don’t Forget to Consider How You Use Your Kitchen

Some people use their kitchen as a family gathering place. Others are master chefs who need top-of-the-line appliances as well as plenty of counter space to cook. No matter what you use your kitchen for there’s one rule that guides the design of any kitchen: The Work Triangle. This rule dictates that there be a natural pathway between the sink, fridge, and cooktop. There should also be space between these three elements for maximum efficiency. In other words, everything should always be within reach.

Be sure to consider The Work Triangle and the level of activity that happens in your kitchen when working on your layout. Plan for a layout that gives your family the space they need in your kitchen.

Do Take Your Time Planning and Designing

Planning a remodel takes time and most importantly, it requires patience. Having an idea of how you want your finished kitchen to look will help make decisions easier. Your designer will guide you through your decisions on materials and staying within budget.

Picture yourself going through your daily routine in your new kitchen before you settle on a design. Do your research on your design preferences by looking through magazines, online and visiting our showroom. At Kingswood Designs, your designer is an experienced professional who will be sure to help you make design decisions that fit your style. Your designer will also be aware of your timeline and keep your project on track.

gorgeous kitchen remodel from our amazing contractors

Do Increase Your Home’s Value

If your kitchen is out of date, a remodel can greatly increase your property’s value. An updated kitchen is highly sought after by home buyers and will most definitely give you a good return on your investment.

Do Plan for Extra Money in Your Budget

Establishing a budget is one of the first steps in developing a successful plan for your remodeling project. However, unexpected expenses sometimes arise. Leaving extra room in your budget can act as “insurance” for any expenses that weren’t planned for.

Do Choose the Right Professional

It’s not impossible to remodel a kitchen on your own. However, most people choose to hire a professional such as Kingswood Designs to make it easier on themselves. Working with a kitchen remodeling company provides these benefits:

  • An experienced designer who will understand and execute your style and vision.
  • Access to the best finishes and materials, at the best prices.
  • An organized timeline and dedicated project manager to answer all your questions.
  • Professional installers and contractors who get the job done right (and do it fast).

The goal of a kitchen remodel is more often than not to rearrange, expand, or update your kitchen’s style. Kingswood Designs’ team will help you incorporate everything you want into your new kitchen!