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5 Step Countertop Fabrication Process

Gorgeous countertops elevate the aesthetics of kitchens, bathrooms, bars and more. The eye is immediately drawn to sleek granite or quartz countertops, and selecting the right ones for your space is important. When you work directly with a countertop fabricator, you’re working with experts who provide complete customer service from start to finish. It’s the best way the ensure you get the most out of your countertops.

Why Countertop Fabrication?

If you need countertops that are custom-made to fit your home and offer the characteristics you want, you need to work with a turn-key countertop fabricator. Countertop fabrication provides you the most options and is the best process to receive the finished product you desire.

A Hassle-Free Process

The Kingswood Designs countertop fabrication process is designed to give you a streamlined experience that is efficient and flexible. You work with our professional in-house countertop specialists exclusively, who ensure that you have a hassle-free experience that allows you control over the final results.

Our kitchen countertop fabrication company is able to oversee the whole process from the beginning to the end, which means clear communication between all parties. This allows us to reduce delays and errors commonly experienced when working with more than one party to acquire countertops.

Kingswood Designs countertop consultants are there to make the fabrication process pain free. We work closely with the fabricators, who work in-house directly below our showroom, and take the satisfaction of our customers seriously.  When you choose our countertop fabrication service, you can be assured that you are going to get exactly what you want once the project is finished.

Control Over Design

You will get to be a part of the design process, to have complete control over the look of the countertop material you choose. Not only will you be involved with selecting the exact slab of stone for your project, you’ll be able to help layout your countertops to best show off your stone’s features and character. Working closely with a countertop fabricator means you’ll receive a truly unique and personalized finished product.

The Custom Countertop Replacement Process

When you work with Kingswood Designs, we make the countertop process enjoyable and easy. You’ll work directly with professionals and get to hand select your stone. Here’s how our countertop fabrication process works:

Step One – Measure Your Current Countertops

Taking the initial measurements is one of the key parts of the process. It allows our countertop consultants to get a good idea of what the project entails, and helps create an accurate bid. To start the process, we ask that you not only take some preliminary measurements, but also draw us a layout of your countertops.

You will need to follow these steps to ensure you have the necessary information to begin the fabrication process:

  • Measure Your Countertop Area:

    To measure your countertop area, you will need to find the length and width of the existing countertops or the designated area where the countertops will be placed.

  • Draw a Bird’s Eye View:

    Once you have the length and width of the existing countertop surfaces, you should create a bird’s eye view diagram with the measurements in the proper places.

  • Note Appliance and Fixture Locations:

    Be sure to make a note of built-in appliances and any other permanent fixtures that will be around the countertops.

Don’t worry if you don’t have precise measurements. Our fabricators will come to your home before they cut the countertop material to make the final template and get accurate measurements.

Step Two – Visit the Showroom

Once you have your measurements and bird’s eye view ready, bring them to our showroom. One of our professional countertop consultants will discuss the details of your project and learn more about your preferences.

With an idea of your individual style and your design preferences, your countertop consultant will present you with a variety of samples to choose from. They will help you find options that work best for your project. Together you can choose a material that suits your taste.

At this point, your countertop consultant will be able to give you an on-the-spot bid for your project. In addition to the countertop fabrication process, we’ll walk you through all the other services that Kingswood Designs has to offer such as the installation of a tile backsplash that complements your countertops.

Visit Mont Granite

If you decide granite countertops are best for you, you will have the opportunity to tour the granite supplier’s warehouse. At Mont Granite, you will be able to view hundreds of different slabs that are one of a kind, and handpick the granite slab for your project.

Step Three – In-Home Measurements

Once you have made your decisions, one of our highly skilled fabricators will come out to your home to take precise final measurements. They will then create a wooden template used to fabricate your custom countertops.

At this point, the final selections are made, and the contract is assembled and reviewed by you. Once the paperwork is complete, the work can begin to cut your countertops.

One of the unique features of our customer fabrication process is allowing you to have a part in the slab layout process. The fabricator will lay the wooden template out over your countertop material, where you will be able to highlight or exclude certain unique characteristics of the slab.

Step Four – The Work Begins

Now that you have decided on the layout of your slab, the fabricators begin the process of cutting the material. Our skilled fabricators are full-time employees and create your countertops directly below our showroom. This means that we are in complete control of your project’s timeline which allows for faster installation and fewer complications.

countertop fabricationStep Five – Your Countertop is Installed

Finally, your countertops are brought to your home and installed. The entire process of installation will only take one day or less, which means minimal disruption to your schedule.

Don’t worry if your old countertops are still in place. We can remove and properly dispose of them as part of the services we provide to our customers.

During the installation process, we will correctly mount your sink, coordinate your plumbing, and drill your faucet holes. We will ensure that your countertops are installed properly and that all of your fixtures and appliances are securely in place.

We focus on every detail of the project to give you the quality results that only Kingswood Designs can provide. Eliminate the hassles and guesswork associated with other methods. In-house countertop fabrication is the all-in-one solution for your countertop project.

If you want to get high-quality, custom countertop fabrication services, Kingswood Designs gives you the options to complete your project exactly like you want, with ease. From start to finish, our experts will work closely with you to offer suggestions and guidance. Work with one professional company that has skilled employees who strive to give you the best quality and service available.