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7 Things to Consider Before your Kitchen Remodel Begins

Planning for a complete kitchen remodel or renovation? A kitchen remodel takes a good deal of upfront planning, so there are a few factors to consider before you begin. Whether you want to take on the bulk of the work or hire an expert, here’s what you need to plan and consider:

1. Scope of the Project

Before you begin, you should first decide what the scope of the project is going to be. Is this going to be a major, full remodel? Will it interfere with the daily activities of your household? Ask yourself these questions before you begin any work, so you don’t end up surprised along the way. It’s best to work with a professional to discuss the project beforehand. A professional with a wealth of experience can help you better navigate the process and prepare for any situation.

2. Your Involvement

Consider your personal capabilities before deciding to take a project on yourself. Are there aspects of the project that you may not understand? Assess the amount of manpower, tools, and time that your project may need.  Do you have family and work obligations that take up the majority of your time? If so, you may not be able to complete the work in a reasonable timeframe without some help.

Consider hiring a professional that can work with you one-on-one. A professional will ensure your project is completed on time and lessen the amount of inconvenience you’ll deal with. You can tell them exactly what you want to achieve and in return they’ll give you ideas on what will work best for you.

A professional designer will create a layout and design that work with the available space. Poor design choices in your kitchen can lower the value of your home and make it harder to sell, so it’s essential to get a pro’s take on this. Potential home buyers look for a modern, functional kitchen as one of their must-have features.

3. Your Renovation/Remodel Know How

Before you begin a kitchen remodel you should consider your level of expertise. Do you have experience with this type of work? How much work have you completed by yourself in the past? If you have limited experience, it’s best to have someone who knows what they are doing involved. If you hire a company like Kingswood Designs that is licensed and insured, you’ll be in good hands.

4. Design Ability

Consider your ability to best design a functional kitchen. Do you know what type of layout works best with the amount of space in your home?

Taking accurate measurements and designing a functional layout are a critical part of making a design work. You shouldn’t leave any concept or design ideas to chance. Make sure that everything is going to be in a place that allows adequate space to maneuver.

Another point to think about is the placement of your cabinets and the amount of storage you’ll need. If you include too many cabinets, you may make your kitchen feel cramped or impractical. If you don’t allow yourself enough storage, you may have an inadequate amount of space for things you need.

5. Preparing Your Home

Before your remodel begins, you’ll need to prep your home. Think about where you’ll store your kitchen items during the project. You’ll need to make space for workers and their equipment while protecting the rest of your home. Be sure to buy plastic or cloth covers to protect your furniture and housewares from the work dust. Begin packing and preparing at least one week before the work begins to avoid issues.

6. Living During the Remodel

A kitchen renovation or remodeling project is unfortunately going to result in some unavoidable inconveniences.  At times during your remodel, your kitchen won’t be suitable to cook in. You’ll need to make alternate arrangements for cooking and any other kitchen functions. It’s a good idea to plan your meals and food storage around the work. Going out to eat is also a convenient solution!

If you want your kitchen done quickly, a professional company is the way to go. There is a certain peace of mind knowing that there is a set time frame for the work to happen within. With an end goal in sight, your project will be less stressful.

7. Satisfaction with the Finished Product

A Beautiful Newly Remodeled Kitchen By Kingswood Designs

In the end, you want a kitchen that you can be proud of, and be comfortable working in. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. If you have hesitations about tackling this type of project on your own, you should enlist help. An experienced kitchen remodeler can ensure you’ll have a fabulous finished project to show off.

Be sure to select a company that belongs to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, such as Kingswood Designs. Certifications and memberships ensure you are choosing a trustworthy team. A great kitchen can increase the value of your home substantially. Select a kitchen renovation company that has a reputation for quality results so you can rest easy during the project.

Preparation is the key to a successful project and a satisfying outcome. Planning will help keep the project on track. Visit our showroom today to get paired with your experienced design consultant.