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Designing the Ultimate Guest Bathroom

When most people think of remodeling a bathroom, they go straight to dreaming up the perfect master suite. After you have given yourself the gift of a relaxing oasis, you may want to start thinking of how you can offer a similar experience to your house guests. A few simple remodeling techniques can transform your guest bath into a luxurious haven for visitor relaxation too.

Here are five tips that will help you design the ultimate guest bathroom:

#1: Success Through Simple and Functional Design

Whereas your master bathroom should cater to your personal style and needs, your guest bathroom should remain as neutral and accommodating as possible. Its physical and aesthetic design should make it easy for your guests to use, but more importantly easy for you to maintain. Consider installing a basic tub with a handheld shower head so people of all ages and sizes can conveniently clean up. Use neutral color schemes that lend elegance and a sense of calm to the area. Choose countertops, backsplashes, and fixtures that can be easily cleaned and cared for. Keeping your design simple with a focus on functionality will create an inviting bathroom for your guests to use.

#2: Proper Storage is a Priority

This is one area of the bathroom that many homeowners may not give enough attention to. Not only does your guest bathroom design need to be simple and functional, but it must also cater to the needs of your guests. Outfitting your bathroom with proper storage can instantly increase the level of convenience they experience. Make sure you stock these storage spaces with the necessary toiletries your guests may use such as spare towels, toilet paper, and tissues. Keep everything organized so your guests can access these items effortlessly.

Almost as important as what you need in your guest bathroom is what you don’t need. Remove items that your guests do not need to use and relocate them to another space. Clutter will create inconveniences that your guests are better left without.

#3: Cabinetry is Crucial to Convenience

The proper way to store these items is with cabinetry solutions that are customized to fit your guest’s needs. Bathrooms see their share of wear and tear so not just any cabinet material will do. Quality cabinet materials will endure heavy use and retain their appearance when cared for correctly. Kingswood Designs offers high-quality cabinetry lines with custom options that will deliver exceptional results. We can help you design bathroom cabinetry that suits your unique needs and budget.

#4: Give Your Guests the Space They Need

Who will use your bathroom? Your mother-in-law? Young nieces and nephews? No matter which guests you have in your home, you want them to feel mentally and physically comfortable when they use your bathroom. Space plays an important role in their level of comfort. Remember, functionality is the most important feature of your guest bathroom.

As you continue designing this area, take note of how much visible and practical space you’re providing for your guests. Installing wall hung cabinetry, for instance, increases visible floor area, lending a larger sense of space. However, installing too large of a cabinet can take away physical space that hinders mobility. Make sure your design includes enough room for your visitors to store their personal toiletries and get ready. This is an especially important consideration for younger children or older adults who may require additional space to comfortably use the bathroom.

#5: Enhance the Space With a Luxe Feature

You’ve kept a focus on function throughout your guest bathroom design and now you can enhance this space with a fantastic luxe feature. Adjustable or recessed lighting can dramatically impact the space, creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing bubble bath or providing the ideal clarity and visibility for applying makeup. A heated towel rack is a warm welcome for guests stepping out of a hot shower in the winter time. As long as these luxe items don’t interfere with the functionality of the space, they can be seamlessly integrated to create the ultimate guest bathroom.

Transform Your Guest Bathroom With Help From Kingswood Designs

Don’t let the quality and appearance of your guest bathroom suffer from neglect. Make this space an inviting haven for your guests with a gorgeous remodel. A simple and functional design that features appropriate storage solutions, plenty of room for mobility, durable cabinetry and an attractive luxe feature will provide the ultimate level of comfort and convenience for your guests.

From conceptual design to flawless execution, the Kingswood Approach delivers unparalleled results. Rely on our experts for your guest bathroom remodel and watch your ideas come to life. Reach out to us today to set up a complimentary design consultation.