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Designing a Kitchen for Entertaining

If you plan on having guests over on a regular basis, you need a kitchen designed for entertaining! A kitchen that’s great for entertaining isn’t only functional for food and drink prep. It’s also a space where guests can enter and leave with ease, to refresh their drink or to socialize with you while you prepare dinner.

If entertaining is important to you, you’ll want to let your designer know! An expert kitchen design consultant can help you make the most of your existing space and turn it into a host’s dream.

Here are a few things to consider when designing a kitchen with entertaining in mind:

The Kitchen Layout

The layout of your kitchen is an important factor to consider when designing a kitchen for entertaining.
The first thing to consider when designing a kitchen for entertainment is the layout. The layout should be designed around the work triangle. This refers to the triangular space created by the three main work stations: the refrigerator, the stove and the sink. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recommends the three sides of the triangle total no more than 26 feet and that no leg of the triangle be shorter than four feet or longer than nine feet. This universally accepted concept is intended to make you kitchen layout efficient and functional.

A kitchen island is a great focal point for an entertaining kitchen. But don’t try to cram one in your kitchen if you have limited space – it may hurt the function of your kitchen more than help. You want there to be plenty of space for many people to move around without bumping into each other or your appliances. If you do have the space, an island provides an additional prep area and storage, as well as a place for guests to sit and socialize with you as you prepare a meal.

The Appliances

Basic appliances aren’t going to cut it if you plan on entertaining a lot of guests! Upgraded appliances make your life easier, which gives you more time to spend with your guests. The types of appliances you choose affect the final design of your kitchen, so you’ll want to discuss your options with your designer. The following are some of the appliances to consider and the features you may want to look into adding:

  • Refrigerator

If you’re going to be making larger meals, you’ll need a larger refrigerator to stock food in. Consider looking for one with an ice maker in the front. You may want a specialty unit as well, such as a wine cooler.

  • Dishwasher

You’re not going to want your guests’ dishes to pile up in the sink – and you won’t want to wash them all by hand either. Make sure the layout of your kitchen is designed to accommodate a dishwasher.

  • Stovetop

If you spend a lot of time making many different dishes at once for your guests, then look for a stovetop with a bigger range. One thing you might want to consider is installing the stovetop in your island. This will let you face your guests while you are cooking, instead of having your back to them.

  • Oven

A double oven is a good idea as it allows you to bake or cook two different things at one time. For example, if you’re making a holiday dinner, you can use one section to cook the ham and the other to bake the pie. Another option is to install a wall oven to save some space.

Additional Features

If you love hosting parties, make sure your kitchen is designed for entertaining.There are so many little details that go into making a kitchen great for entertaining. Be sure to talk to your kitchen designer about:

  • Storage space

You’ll want plenty of space to store your pots, pans and dry foods. A walk-in pantry is an excellent option for stocking all your dry foods. Make sure your cabinets reach up to the ceiling as well to give you as much storage space as possible.

  • Warming drawers

Warming drawers are a must as they help you keep food warm while you wait to serve it.

  • An additional sink

Having two sinks will help keep the kitchen from becoming congested – guests can use one sink to wash up in while the other is used for food prep.

  • Wet bar

If you’ve got the space, a wet bar will make it easy for you to make your guests drinks or to allow them to help themselves.

If you like to entertain regularly at your home, then you’ll want a kitchen that allows you to do so in an efficient and convenient way. The best way to design a kitchen for entertaining is to work side-by-side with an experienced designer. They’ll ensure your kitchen is functional and as spacious as possible.

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