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Gray Kitchens Create a Modern Look for Kitchen Design

Modern Looking Kitchen

If you haven’t heard, gray is the new beige for kitchens. After years of white or natural wood cabinets, plus stone and quartz countertops threaded with color, gray has become a popular neutral color. This gray and gray-and-white-trend allows homeowners to choose countertops, cabinets, and granite and quartz countertops that showcase a sophisticated, modern design. Add in metal finishes like brushed nickel, stainless steel, or bronze for faucets, lighting, and cabinet hardware, and your kitchen will look like the pages of a design magazine. Gray is here to stay!

Neutral Grays Can Make a Kitchen Standout

Why has gray become so popular for kitchen renovations?

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  • It’s versatile. Gray can look minimalist and sleek, and that’s one of the reasons why homeowners have fallen in love with this neutral color. However, gray doesn’t have to monochromatic. It’s also beautiful when paired with pops of color like green, red, or yellow. This projects a warm style for those who want to steer away from a stark look. Gray allows you to decorate with unique furnishings, like glass pendant lighting, red chairs, or a copper backsplash, for luxury look.
  • It has many personalities. You can dress gray up for a formal appearance, or create a more relaxed atmosphere by using several shades in different areas of the kitchen. For example, a gray glass tile backsplash would be a design element that anchors the rest of your surfaces to your color scheme.

    Gray also provides a great deal of variety, even though it’s a neutral tone. Light, medium, and dark gray colors can be used for your cabinets, countertop, walls, and lighting, not to mention stainless steel appliances.

  • It offers contrast for your color scheme. Contrasting neutrals have become an appealing element for homeowners who are planning kitchen renovations. White, gray, black, and beige can be used together for a design that stands out. Using gray as a foundation color in a kitchen it gives homeowners a lot of latitude to pick out colors, materials, and textures. Gray also offers interesting variations with metals.

Gray Countertops Offer Elegance, Beauty, and Even Color

Gray countertops come in many different materials, including granite, Zodiaq® quartz, Mont quartz, and Corian®. The choices are endless: homeowners can pick a gray/white granite with blue undertones, or a charcoal gray quartz countertop that contrasts with white cabinets.

Kingswood Designs in the South Hills offers kitchen remodeling services and has a showroom and on-site countertop fabrication shop. If you’d love to renovate your kitchen around a gray color scheme, or would like to refresh your countertops, call us today.