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Current Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2015

Bathroom Trends

As most Pittsburgh homeowners know, the kitchen as we know it has changed. The room that was once considered simply a place to prepare meals has undergone a complete overhaul to meet the needs of today’s modern families. And 2015 is bringing about major changes in another important area of today’s homes: the bathroom.

A recent Angie’s list study polled over 1,000 contractors, asking them how consumer requests and budgets have changed in the recent years, with surprising results. More than half of the con-tractors surveyed reported that their customers intended to spend more on bathroom remodeling in 2015, with many willing to add anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 to their bathroom remodeling budget.

With 2015 underway, some of the hot new trends in bathroom design and remodeling are be-ginning to emerge, and here are a few of the latest in bathroom remodeling trends:

  • Decorative tile – More and more homeowners are not only replacing their current flooring with a sleek new tile pattern, but adding a complementary style to the walls as well. Adding to the look is the use of grout as a design feature to either match or contrast the tile. Using a contrasting grout color will allow the tiles to stand out and showcase their individuality, while. matching it will create a more cohesive overall design.
  • Gray is the new white – Gray has consistently been named as the top color spot in bath-room remodeling across the board. Because gray is a neutral color, it will never go out of style and is easy to update. In addition, gray adds to the feel of a more “open” space, making small bathrooms appear larger.
  • Soaking bathtubs – Designers are reporting that soaking and free-standing tub demands are on a rise. Consumer trends have indicated that bathtubs are used primarily for soaking, and showers for cleansing. A free-standing bathtub not only makes a peaceful refuge, but adds a dramatic focal point to any bathroom, with endless design possibilities to complement it.
  • Floor heating – A relatively new but fast-rising trend is incorporating itself into bathroom re-modeling, particularly in areas such as Pittsburgh, where cold weather is prominent a good deal of the year. Radiant heated floors have been shown to not only be more effective than traditional heating, but make it possible to enjoy walking on a tile floor without feeling cold.
  • Custom vanities – Particularly in smaller bathrooms and older homes, where space-saving is an issue, custom vanities allow for storage that are aesthetically pleasing and complement the overall look and design of the bathroom space.
  • Double sinks – Whether his-and-hers or designed so that siblings can share, vanities with sinks are one of the top trends of 2015.

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