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Space Saving Remodeling Tips For Small Bathrooms

Remodeling Your Small Bathroom

Your bathroom is an essential space in your daily life, and while many newer homes are built to accommodate the need for extra space, the fact is that many older Pittsburgh homes have bathrooms that just aren’t practical in this sense.

Just because your current bathroom may be limited in space does not mean that you have to think small. With the right planning and design, you can transform your bathroom into an attractive, comfortable and highly functional space that you and your guests will appreciate.

Don’t let your small bathroom limit your dreams or your creativity. Discuss your ideas with your remodeling specialist, who will have the tools and the experience to find the right solution that best suits your unique needs. Walls and windows can be removed, replaced or relocated to enlarge your existing bath space and make it more luxurious.

Make the most out of lighting. Finding the right balance of lighting can give the appearance of a larger space as well as provide a natural enhancement to your color scheme. There are four types of lighting typically used in the average bathroom: task lighting illuminates your work surfaces; ambient lighting provides a gentle background filler that adds a soft glow to the room; accent lighting is used to feature particular points of interest; and functional lighting adds the “zing” to your bathroom space.

Use mirrors to create the illusion of space. Mirrors are not only functional, they provide an excellent decorative accent. Mirrors can be incorporated creatively into any bathroom design, and a bold-framed mirror above the sink can become a focal point to make any bathroom “pop.”

Be creative with shelving. There are all types of ways to implement shelving that will not only look decorative, but will allow for storage of those bathroom essentials. Some ideas include: glass shelves, corner shelves, and cabinets with a combination of shelving and closed doors.

Make sure that the color of your bathroom ceiling is the same or lighter than the walls. A darker ceiling in a smaller bathroom will make the room appear to be lower than it is. There are a vast array of light neutral colors that can still complement your style without giving the appearance of “shrinking” the room.

If you are looking to update your bathroom, or simply create a fresh new look to your current bathroom space, Kingswood Designs has a skilled team of expert professionals that can help transform your bathroom into the sanctuary of your dreams. A single-source remodeler, Kingswood has all of the products that you need to outfit your bathroom, as well as the tools and the experience to modify your existing bathroom space to meet your unique needs.

For more information on Kingswood Design’s Bathroom Remodeling Services, Kitchen Renovations, or custom countertop fabrication and replacement, contact them today, or take the time to visit their showroom, conveniently located in Pittsburgh’s South Hills area, and speak with one of their design experts.