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Mixed Cabinetry and Wine Storage Among Top Kitchen Trends of 2014

2014 Top Kitchen Trends

In terms of home improvement projects, kitchens continue to maintain a top priority. According to a Member Profile Study done by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, 82 percent have named kitchen remodeling as their primary service offering in terms of projects.

In terms of numbers, $73 million worth of remodeling projects were cited, identifying the national trends, focusing primarily in the areas of kitchen remodeling. Most often cited in the study was improving the overall look and feel of the kitchen, with improving function following close behind.

In terms of current kitchen remodeling trends, the following two areas stood out:

  • Mixed Kitchen Cabinetry – Homeowners are attempting to create a custom look of their own by mixing and layering kitchen cabinets, as well as mixing the styles and finishes of various woods. Built in custom cabinets are also popular, and are used as a framework for the remaining kitchen cabinetry.
  • Wine Storage – The wine market has rapidly grown over the past few decades, and kitchen renovations have expanded to include the ever-growing popularity of wine storage, such as a “butler” area for entertaining and wine coolers that are integrated into the cabinetry. Custom wine racks are also extremely popular, serving as both a function and a showcase piece.

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  • Bertch Cabinetry – For those looking for a more higher-end line, Bertch kitchen cabinets offer the best return on investment in the market today.

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