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Quartz vs. Granite Countertops

A Comparison of Quartz and Granite Countertops


When a homeowner decides to arrange for some kitchen remodeling work, there are a number of decisions to make before the project even begins. For example, the person must decide what sort of countertop to install. In many kitchen remodeling projects, it comes down to either a quartz or granite countertop. Take a look at some of the similarities and differences between these two popular options.

The Similarities Between Quartz and Granite Countertops

A quartz countertop and a granite countertop have a lot in common. Consequently, a person really can’t go wrong with either choice! Both of these types of countertops are scratch resistant. This means that a person who is chopping celery or some other food item on the countertop doesn’t have to worry about marring the counter’s surface.

Granite and quartz countertops are both heat resistant. If a hot pot or a pan is put onto one of these countertops, it won’t leave a burn mark behind.

Though sometimes the seams are visible on these countertops, both are visually appealing. They each have patterns and colors that can contribute to the overall beauty of a kitchen area. A homeowner is getting a durable product whether the choice is quartz or granite.

The Differences Between Quartz and Granite Countertops

One of the biggest differences between a quartz countertop and a granite countertop relates to appearance. Granite is a natural material so the patterns and colors differ throughout its design. Each slab of granite is unique so one portion of a countertop may not look exactly the same as the portion next to it. Alternatively, a quartz countertop has a uniform appearance throughout. The patterns and colors of a countertop on an island can perfectly match the patterns and colors in the countertop beneath the kitchen cabinets.

When a homeowner chooses a granite countertop for a kitchen remodeling project, he or she is getting a one-of-a-kind material. The granite countertops of two neighbors are not going to look the same. However, if a homeowner chooses a quartz countertop, he or she is getting a manmade item that is designed to look the same throughout.

Making a Decision

Since both granite and quartz countertops are quality products, the final decision comes down to a homeowner’s personal preferences. One homeowner may prefer to have a granite countertop that grabs a visitor’s attention with its collection unique patterns. Another homeowner may appreciate a quartz countertop that features a singular design that’s repeated throughout the kitchen.

At Kingswood Designs in Pittsburgh, we are glad to help any homeowner who remains undecided as to which countertop to choose. We understand the importance of choosing a countertop that will transform a kitchen into a warm and inviting place. We make it a point to listen to all of your thoughts on your kitchen remodeling and help you to make a decision between a quartz countertop and a granite countertop. We want you to be incredibly happy with your new kitchen!