Choosing the Right Countertops for Your Home

Choosing the right countertops for your kitchen or bathroom can be tricky, but it can also be a fun experience! There’s a variety of options in a wide range of styles, colors, and prices. Understandably, many homeowners fall in love with a material based on its looks alone. But, it’s also important to consider how well each material:

  • Resists stains
  • Handles heat
  • Repels cuts, abrasions, and impacts

newly installed kitchen countertop

Fortunately, durability and ease of maintenance are two important characteristics that all of our granite and quartz countertops offer.

Here’s how to decide which material is right for what are often the most used rooms in your home:

What to Look For

Countertops are one of the most important selections you make during a kitchen renovation or bathroom remodeling project. They play a big role in the room’s style, so they need to look great. But, they also take a lot of wear and tear, so they should be able to stand up to whatever’s thrown at them. Before deciding, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • How will the surface be used? Are you a weekend chef, or do you prep three or more meals a day? Is your bathroom remodel for a new master suite or an updated space for kids and teenagers?  
  • How much do you want to spend? In addition to price per square foot, you want to think about how the material will be used. Are you installing customized countertops in the kitchen? Does the bathroom design call for a small vanity top or a large double sink?
  • What’s your personal style? For example, if you like a traditional kitchen but want to give it a unique look, choose granite because every slab has its one-of-a-kind appearance. If you live the typical hectic lifestyle of a young family, quartz is beautiful yet easy to maintain. Quartz can be ideal for kitchens and baths that see a lot of wear and tear.

Pros and Cons of Different Surfaces

For premium kitchen countertops, the most popular choices are granite and engineered stone. Since you can expect to spend up to 15% of your remodeling budget on countertops and installation, it’s worth weighing all of your options carefully.

Granite Countertops. No other material says upscale and elegant quite like granite. The natural stone’s classic good looks, durability, and heat resistance make it a favorite for many homeowners. While granite is scratch resistant, it does require regular sealing and is prone to chips if hard or heavy objects are dropped on it. Still, with its unique made-by-nature appearance, there are good reasons it remains at the top of many people’s list.

Quartz comes in a wide range of dazzling options that make for dramatic kitchen or bathroom countertops. It’s a non-porous, stain-resistant material that’s easy-to-clean. The material is unique in its color, brilliancy, and clarity while combining durability with strength. Variations in this engineered surface’s color, patterns, and shades give it an appearance that beautifully mimics natural stone.

Making Your Selection

There was a time homeowners were thrilled with their small laminate prep area between the sink and stove. Today, there are hundreds of textures, colors, and patterns available in a variety of materials. No matter what your budget or lifestyle, one is sure to be exactly right for your upcoming kitchen or bathroom remodel.

At Kingswood Designs, all of our countertop materials offer luxurious finishes that can be used in creative ways. Need some help in choosing the right ones for your remodel? Visit our showroom and on-site fabrication shop. We have all the information you need to make the right decision! To learn more about all your countertop options, including customization, give us a call today.

Designing the Ultimate Guest Bathroom

When most people think of remodeling a bathroom, they go straight to dreaming up the perfect master suite. After you have given yourself the gift of a relaxing oasis, you may want to start thinking of how you can offer a similar experience to your house guests. A few simple remodeling techniques can transform your guest bath into a luxurious haven for visitor relaxation too.

Here are five tips that will help you design the ultimate guest bathroom:

#1: Success Through Simple and Functional Design

Whereas your master bathroom should cater to your personal style and needs, your guest bathroom should remain as neutral and accommodating as possible. Its physical and aesthetic design should make it easy for your guests to use, but more importantly easy for you to maintain. Consider installing a basic tub with a handheld shower head so people of all ages and sizes can conveniently clean up. Use neutral color schemes that lend elegance and a sense of calm to the area. Choose countertops, backsplashes, and fixtures that can be easily cleaned and cared for. Keeping your design simple with a focus on functionality will create an inviting bathroom for your guests to use.

#2: Proper Storage is a Priority

This is one area of the bathroom that many homeowners may not give enough attention to. Not only does your guest bathroom design need to be simple and functional, but it must also cater to the needs of your guests. Outfitting your bathroom with proper storage can instantly increase the level of convenience they experience. Make sure you stock these storage spaces with the necessary toiletries your guests may use such as spare towels, toilet paper, and tissues. Keep everything organized so your guests can access these items effortlessly.

Almost as important as what you need in your guest bathroom is what you don’t need. Remove items that your guests do not need to use and relocate them to another space. Clutter will create inconveniences that your guests are better left without.

#3: Cabinetry is Crucial to Convenience

The proper way to store these items is with cabinetry solutions that are customized to fit your guest’s needs. Bathrooms see their share of wear and tear so not just any cabinet material will do. Quality cabinet materials will endure heavy use and retain their appearance when cared for correctly. Kingswood Designs offers high-quality cabinetry lines with custom options that will deliver exceptional results. We can help you design bathroom cabinetry that suits your unique needs and budget.

#4: Give Your Guests the Space They Need

Who will use your bathroom? Your mother-in-law? Young nieces and nephews? No matter which guests you have in your home, you want them to feel mentally and physically comfortable when they use your bathroom. Space plays an important role in their level of comfort. Remember, functionality is the most important feature of your guest bathroom.

As you continue designing this area, take note of how much visible and practical space you’re providing for your guests. Installing wall hung cabinetry, for instance, increases visible floor area, lending a larger sense of space. However, installing too large of a cabinet can take away physical space that hinders mobility. Make sure your design includes enough room for your visitors to store their personal toiletries and get ready. This is an especially important consideration for younger children or older adults who may require additional space to comfortably use the bathroom.

#5: Enhance the Space With a Luxe Feature

You’ve kept a focus on function throughout your guest bathroom design and now you can enhance this space with a fantastic luxe feature. Adjustable or recessed lighting can dramatically impact the space, creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing bubble bath or providing the ideal clarity and visibility for applying makeup. A heated towel rack is a warm welcome for guests stepping out of a hot shower in the winter time. As long as these luxe items don’t interfere with the functionality of the space, they can be seamlessly integrated to create the ultimate guest bathroom.

Transform Your Guest Bathroom With Help From Kingswood Designs

Don’t let the quality and appearance of your guest bathroom suffer from neglect. Make this space an inviting haven for your guests with a gorgeous remodel. A simple and functional design that features appropriate storage solutions, plenty of room for mobility, durable cabinetry and an attractive luxe feature will provide the ultimate level of comfort and convenience for your guests.

From conceptual design to flawless execution, the Kingswood Approach delivers unparalleled results. Rely on our experts for your guest bathroom remodel and watch your ideas come to life. Reach out to us today to set up a complimentary design consultation.

2019 Kitchen Trends We Love

Did you know that on average, almost 3 hours of your day is spent in the kitchen? The kitchen should be beautiful, a place you enjoy, as it’s the hub of the home. Since this room holds such significance, it can’t hurt to keep up to date with the latest kitchen design trends.

Whether you are redesigning, renovating, or undergoing a complete remodel, let these new kitchen trends inspire you now and later down the road. And because we appreciate a lasting love for the kitchen, we’ve selected top trends in 2019 that we believe are here to stay.

Matte cabinetry

Matte cabinetry is living in the spotlight in 2019. If you are looking for a mix of classic and trendy, consider bringing matte finishes into the kitchen. A matte surface allows for flexibility when it comes to cleaning, as its more forgiving and is less prone to scratches. Choose from an array of color options to add character and personality to your space.

Contrasting materials/styles

2019 is an ideal time to embrace the mixture of natural colors, textures, and materials. Sustainable materials, like Quartz or Granite, will blend perfectly with bold textures (que matte cabinets) to create a strong presence in the modern kitchen. Combine wooden textures with brass hardware and detailing for a mixture of sleek and organic.

newly renovated kitchen

Statement lighting

The success or failure of the lighting you choose determines the mood in your kitchen. Usually, pendant illumination is ideal over the kitchen sink or above the kitchen island. When hung over the kitchen island, it not only provides functional lighting but also boosts the décor in the kitchen. Four primary forms of lighting you should consider are task lights, ambient, accent, and decorative light.

Open shelving

Open shelving is ideal if you want to decorate your kitchen while allowing for extra storage space. Floating wooden shelves are optimal to display dishware, glassware and other kitchen treasures. This open form of storage encourages tidiness and offers minimalism without overcrowding your kitchen cabinetry.

newly renovated kitchen

Subway tiles

Subway tile is a consistent favorite when it comes to kitchen trends. Despite how long we’ve loved them, subway tiles are here to stay. Easy to clean while protecting most surfaces, subway titles are the answer for a clean, sleek look and feel in any size kitchen. White tiles will brighten your kitchen creating the idea of a larger space and a minimalistic feel. If you’re looking for something a bit more edgy, be creative with tile directions and grout choices. For an illusion of higher walls, we like a vertical subway tile and for added dimension, a contrasting grout.  

The bottom line is that kitchen designs matters. You deserve to enjoy this special room in which you spend most of your life sharing meals and memories with your family. So, in 2019, we encourage you to be bold and experiment with the best kitchen styles that excite you!

Kingswood Designs makes the perfect partner for blending the functionality of your kitchen with your personality and design preferences. Have we sparked interest? Take a look at our recent kitchen projects and give us a call today!

Our Favorite Bathroom Remodel of 2018

The bathroom is a part of the house that you use daily. Likely one of the first rooms you enter in the morning, and the room you retreat to for your nightly routine. While it provides significant utility to your home, it should also provide a feeling of relaxation, a space to unwind.

At Kingswood, we pride ourselves on all of our remodeling projects and the joy it brings to our customers – but every now and again, even we have to take a step back and admire the impressive work and creativity of our design team.

Before: Disjointed Layout and Outdated Decor

The original bathroom layout included a bulk head at the hallway to both the closets and back toilet area. The stand-up shower located at the back of the bathroom across from the toilet was awkwardly placed and inconvenient to access, especially since it was used daily.

The outdated details and disjointed layout made for a dysfunctional space rather than a relaxing oasis.before bathroom remodel


After: Why We Love It

From a claustrophobic corner to an in-home retreat, this bathroom underwent a complete transformation. By removing the rarely used jacuzzi tub and replacing it with a spacious tile shower, it now better meets the needs of this couple and has become a functional focal point in this bathroom.

Because this couple’s “must-have” list included a new, larger double bowl vanity, our team was able to take space from the adjacent walk in closets to grow the size of the vanity. To make up for the lost closet space, we were able to expand the second walk-in closet to include the area that the old shower previously occupied.

After bathroom remodel

A few new additional features include:

Custom Vanity

This custom built wooden vanity includes plenty of storage space with access to outlets on either end. Once a cramped, single use bathroom is now perfectly spacious for a couple.

Updated Window

Many homeowners struggle with design options when a large window is inside their bathroom space. Natural light from the window is desirable, but privacy is a main concern. Our experienced designer knew exactly what type of window options to explore to offer privacy and design appeal.

New Lighting

The 3-light vanity fixtures above the mirrors and recessed lighting throughout makes this a well-lit haven. Additionally, we included an automatic lighting feature in each of the walk-in closets when you open and close each of these doors.

Heated Flooring

This couple chose to warm their remodeled space by including a heated flooring system underneath their tile. Heated floors are the perfect way to keep your space cozy throughout the year.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors in a master bathroom is practical, but these homeowners thoughtfully added one door with a full length mirror, and a second paneled door with frosted glass to offer privacy to the toilet area – two features that make these functional doors aesthetically pleasing.

Linear Shower Drain

The base of most showers have a standard one piece shower pan sloping around a center drain. This shower boasts a modern linear drain located along one end of the shower, under the plumbing fixtures. Therefore, we were able to use the same wall tile on the floor of the shower and slope these long tiles down toward the drain, creating a clean, consistent look.

Shower Accessories

The recessed shower niche within the tile surround is a nice complement to the corner shelves, adding a focal point with the mosaic accent tile. The same mosaic accent is striped down the center of the plumbing fixtures, which beautifully balances the linear tile.

The custom quartz corner seat, corner shelves and threshold are made from the same quartz as the vanity countertop, adding continuity to the whole space and contrast to the lighter tile.

After bathroom remodel

The Kingswood Approach

From design to execution, the Kingswood Approach focuses on the customized process of kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Watch your designs come to life through initial consultations, product selections, and installation – your voice is heard every step of the way. If you have a project in mind, we’d love to hear about it! The sooner you contact us, the sooner your remodel could be at the top of your favorite remodels list (and ours too).

Our Favorite Kitchen Remodel of 2018


The remodeling process is always special – watching ideas become reality, and old spaces be given new life never seems to get old. No matter the budget or scope of work, the finished product brings excitement and satisfaction, to both our clients and our team.

However, some transformations have really stopped us in our tracks. That is why we are excited to share with you our favorite kitchen remodel of 2018! A project that truly wowed even the experts, we are here to share the before, the after, and all the features that make this new space spectacular.

Before: A Broken Floor Plan

Before kitchen remodel

The first level of this home was broken into two distinct spaces, lacking an open floor concept conducive for the entertaining this family enjoys. The kitchen was separate from the dining room which overlooked the family room, creating an awkward and disjointed layout.

To add to the dysfunction of the layout, the kitchen lacked proper lighting, making it dark and drab. The appliances and counters were outdated, giving the family little incentive to spend time together in this space, cooking and hosting dinners.

For many families, kitchens are the generally the focal point for gathering – making memories around the table, partaking in cooking lessons where recipes are handed down to the next generation, or hosting a holiday party. This project was not just about updating a kitchen, but creating an inviting space for a family to share memorable experiences in.


After: Why We Love it

After kitchen remodel

Where do we start? The updated kitchen is unrecognizable, loaded with custom features, lighting accessories, and appliances we love. Some of the highlights of this remodel include:

Toe kick lighting

The toe kick lighting evenly balances light throughout this space in conjunction with recessed lights, pendant lights, and under cabinet lights. Great for offering subtle lighting after the dinner dishes are complete and the sun has set.

Built-up island edge

To elevate the overlook of the island, a focal point in the kitchen, we doubled the edge of the quartz island. Our talented fabricators worked diligently to make the seam in this built-up edge invisible.

Drop down tv screen

Whether it’s cooking, entertaining or just relaxing together, this family spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Therefore a television was on their “must have” list. Our designer incorporated a sleek drop down screen in a convenient location to not take up counter space, or be a distraction during meal time.

After kitchen remodelMicrowave drawer in island

Knowing that our customer prefers clean lines and no clutter, our designer encouraged her to incorporate her microwave in the island instead of over the stove or on a counter, as is typical in most homes. This affords easy access to getting things in and out of the microwave without having to reach overhead; and makes the cleaning process much easier.

Eclipse Full Access Cabinetry by Shiloh

The modern frameless cabinetry is not only sleek, but can offer up to 10% more interior space than framed cabinets. This kitchen remodel is not only centered around style, but also function.

Wine chiller and rack in island

Perfect for this family that loves to entertain, the wine chiller and rack accessible in the island makes for easy access and a fashionable and sleek storage space.

Glass cabinet door fronts

With floor to ceiling cabinets, the inclusion of glass door helps break up all the cabinetry. It also is a great way to insert color and personal touches without cluttering the counters.

Linear gas fireplace

We love this modern trend that provides ambiance, style and heat, making the room feel cozy and inviting.

Kitchen remodel with fireplace

Custom dining room table – coming soon!

Our customer was not having any luck finding a dining room table that she loved, so she visited the designer that spearheaded the entire renovation and the two came up with an idea for a custom dining room table. Kingswood Designs is in the process of building custom legs and we will fabricate quartz (from the exact material on her countertops) to be the table top. This portion of the project should be done in December.  

The Kingswood Approach

From design to execution, the Kingswood approach focuses on the customized process of kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Watch your designs come to life through initial consultations, product selections, and installation – your voice is heard every step of the way. If you have a project in mind, we’d love to hear about it! The sooner you contact us, the sooner your remodel could be at the top of your favorite remodels list (and ours too).

Tips For Keeping Your Granite Countertops in the Best Shape

Granite Countertops

Granite is a popular surface for many countertops, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, as it is known for having a very resilient surface that can withstand the daily wear and tear of today’s busy families. However, like any countertop surface, granite requires some simple maintenance tips to keep it looking fresh and protect your investment for years to come.

Continue reading

Kitchen Islands to Consider for Your Remodel

New kitchen island

A kitchen remodel can be an exciting but overwhelming task. There is a lot to consider. For example, where do you start? Consider starting with improving the functionality of your kitchen…and what’s more functional than a kitchen island?

A custom kitchen island can be used as an extra workspace, cooking station, breakfast bar, beverage center, or the focal point for entertaining. It can be the center of family life, providing a place for your family to gather, eat, and share household memories. Kitchen islands also serve beyond a functional purpose; they can also be a design statement with stylish features ideal for enhancing your room’s appearance.

So what kind of kitchen island works best in your new kitchen? Let’s look at a number of styles that are possible for your remodel:

L-Shaped Island

If you have a large open space in your kitchen and would like to add more storage capacity, workspace, and seating, an L-shaped island may be the right design for you. Their sprawling design ensures there’s plenty of workspace for multiple cooks and surface area for entertaining. This style is also a nice fit if you are looking to add an appliance to your island or achieve bar-style seating.

Outside of function, this unique shape can add a nice design element to act as a focal point of the room. Adding interesting tile or a splash of color to your kitchen island is a fun way to bring function and style together.

Circular Islands

Circular islands are a great choice particularly if you’re looking to add personality to your kitchen layout and expand seating space. Round islands will add an interesting visual appeal and elegance to your kitchen and are a go-to option if you want a unique island design. The design can go full circle or a semi-circle.

This island design is best suited for smaller kitchens and tends to provide the ease of being reachable from all angles. Circular islands incorporate roomy seating areas, usually for table height seating, and are very suitable for entertaining. Everyone sitting around the island is visible and there’s enough room for guests to comfortably eat and strike conversations. And since there are no sharp edges featured in other types of islands, a circular island is less accident prone and can be a great choice if you have active children.

Galley Island

Kitchen Island Home Remodel

The galley island has a straightforward design and fewer frills. It is typically built to be a workhorse. This style of island fits in just about any kitchen layout, provided there is enough space. Often built in open concept kitchens, galley kitchen islands ensure that your space remains efficient and flows with their streamlined design.

This design provides an extra work area and maximizes storage space due to the lack of curves and corners. Cabinets can be put back to back, making this style a good fit for a kitchen that may be tight on storage. A galley island is simple and efficient, making appliances and stored items easily accessible. The design also supports bar-style seating for entertaining.

Fully Functional Island

The fully functional kitchen island is basically a perimeter counter in the middle of the kitchen and can do everything that the primary countertops do. It is an auxiliary counter space; almost an entire second kitchen. A fully functional island is large, fixed, and has drainage, water, and electrical capabilities. It has ample countertop space that can even house another kitchen sink.

With this design, you can also incorporate appliances into the island to create a functional layout. You can have an additional water source and cooktop, or even a built in wet bar at the center of your kitchen. Do you live in a family of wine connoisseurs? A small wine fridge could make the perfect accessory! Additional appliances can be added on top or built into the structure of the island kitchen

Multi-Level Island

Is a kitchen island for eating or for cooking? A multi-level or double-tiered kitchen island is both. This type of island is ergonomically correct and has two countertop levels, making it a multi-functional piece. Cooking can be done on a lower level and eating on a higher level, acting much like the bar area in restaurants. Because it is often situated between the dining/living room and the kitchen, it also typically serves as a dividing and transition area.

U-Shaped Island

A U-shaped Island lends itself well to a large open kitchen space and is perhaps most accommodating of all kitchen island styles. Both spacious and functional, U-shaped islands give you three walls of cabinetry and a generous amount of workspace, increasing the efficiency of your kitchen. And if your island is big enough, you can add multiple appliances or seating with room to spare. This means that you can prep, cook, eat and clean without ever leaving the island. Great for busy families who are in and out of the kitchen, this space can serve everyone’s needs all at once.


A kitchen island can make a huge difference in how you go about your business in the kitchen. Whether you’re looking to achieve a modern, contemporary, or traditional look with your kitchen renovation, Kingswood Designs will create a functional and spacious kitchen tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We can update your existing space to create more storage and maximize efficiency, or help you design a totally new space. Contact us today to learn more!

6 Signs You May be Due for a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel

The bathroom; you spend time in there every day and as such, it should be a space you love. But bathrooms don’t always get the attention they deserve. Your bathroom should be a place of comfort, the perfect environment for getting ready efficiently during a hectic morning, or a relaxing soak after a long day. Years of traffic can take a toll on your bathroom, sanity, and budget — but you don’t have to let it get to that point!

If your bathroom constantly leaves you feeling dissatisfied and you find yourself complaining about its shortcomings, you might want to consider a remodel. Sometimes, small upgrades or changes can make a world of difference but in other cases, you may need a complete makeover. There are tell-tale signs that bathroom remodeling is in your future. We’ve shared some of the most obvious signs you need a bathroom remodel:

There are Plumbing Issues

Plumbing is the “glue” that keeps everything running smoothly in the bathroom. And when it starts losing its holding power, you’re met with the overwhelming smell of mildew. Water can be particularly troublesome if it leaks, drips, or creates moldy buildup. Smells that don’t disappear after a deep clean should tell you something. It is also important to keep in mind that not all leaks are visible. Leaks can be hidden inside floors and walls, damaging them from the inside out.

When the plumbing is on its last leg, everything goes bad. If your plumbing is giving out, that is a sign that you need a bathroom remodel. To avoid major flooding and electrical issues, you must ensure your plumbing is in perfect shape and you have appropriate ventilation. The bonus? Updating these things can also provide the opportunity to update the look of your bathroom, too!

The Layout Isn’t Functional

When you’re dealing with a poorly designed bathroom, you definitely know how inconvenient it can be. The most used features should be placed in the easiest to reach places. Also, it’s recommended that features are placed up against walls to allow for the most space possible. A great design can make a small bathroom feel spacious, improve flow and aesthetics. If you can no longer live with your poorly planned bathroom, don’t. An experienced designer can create the perfect layout for any sized or shaped bathroom.

You Don’t Have Enough Storage Space

If your bathroom does not have enough storage space to store the necessities, you might be ready for a remodel. Stop buying a collection of caddies, or stacking your towels on the back of the toilet. A bathroom remodel can be the key to adding plenty of creative storage solutions without taking up space. When everything is in its proper place, you’ll have an easier time navigating, no matter how small your bathroom space is. You’ll have room to breathe, and it will ultimately make your bathroom look and feel more luxurious!

Poor Lighting

Great lighting is everything in a bathroom. If the lighting is so dim you can barely see yourself in the mirror or so bright in the morning that it blinds you, then it’s probably time for a remodel.

Don’t put all your focus in more decorative elements and neglect lighting during your bathroom makeover. Sometimes it’s the fixture itself or the placement of the fixture that makes the difference. Perhaps you need to ensure your light bar extends over your mirrors, or the light is brought down to eye level. We also recommend adding a dimmer switch so you can choose the level of brightness. A perfectly lit room can boost self-confidence and make an astounding difference.

It’s Outdated

If there is one clear sign that your bathroom remodel is well overdue for an upgrade, it is if you walk into your wallpaper covered bathroom thinking you’ve traveled to decades past. The décor sets the mood of the bathroom and it is inevitable that over time you need to update the look.

It could be that trends have changed or your tastes have evolved. Either way, your bathroom décor and color scheme are a reflection of your style. So, whether you just moved into a new house or just want to revamp the look, take time to think about these two elements; there’s no need to rush to commit to something you may end up disliking. Faucets, towel holders, cabinets, and mirrors are just part of the bathroom ambiance. A professional bathroom designer will help you choose appliances, fixtures, paint colors and more to suit your tastes.

Increase the Value of Your Property

Bathrooms are an important selling point when putting your home on the market. You may not mind your “vintage” master bathroom, but when you put your space on the market, buyers will notice. It could be the make or break factor for some otherwise serious shoppers.

If your master bathroom looks worn down and in dire need of a remodel, you might find it harder to sell. A bathroom can significantly increase your home’s value. A fancy new space can add just the right touch to spur potential buyers to action.

Tackling a renovation project doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. With a vision, predetermined budget, and the right team of remodeling experts, it can be an exciting investment. Remodels can range from a simple makeover or redesign to structural renovations, updating plumbing, and everything in between. Schedule a free initial in-house design consultation with Kingswood Designs and we’ll walk you through your project.

5 Step Countertop Fabrication Process

Gorgeous countertops elevate the aesthetics of kitchens, bathrooms, bars and more. The eye is immediately drawn to sleek granite or quartz countertops, and selecting the right ones for your space is important. When you work directly with a countertop fabricator, you’re working with experts who provide complete customer service from start to finish. It’s the best way the ensure you get the most out of your countertops. Continue reading