Designing the Ultimate Guest Bathroom

When most people think of remodeling a bathroom, they go straight to dreaming up the perfect master suite. After you have given yourself the gift of a relaxing oasis, you may want to start thinking of how you can offer a similar experience to your house guests. A few simple remodeling techniques can transform your guest bath into a luxurious haven for visitor relaxation too.

Here are five tips that will help you design the ultimate guest bathroom:

#1: Success Through Simple and Functional Design

Whereas your master bathroom should cater to your personal style and needs, your guest bathroom should remain as neutral and accommodating as possible. Its physical and aesthetic design should make it easy for your guests to use, but more importantly easy for you to maintain. Consider installing a basic tub with a handheld shower head so people of all ages and sizes can conveniently clean up. Use neutral color schemes that lend elegance and a sense of calm to the area. Choose countertops, backsplashes, and fixtures that can be easily cleaned and cared for. Keeping your design simple with a focus on functionality will create an inviting bathroom for your guests to use.

#2: Proper Storage is a Priority

This is one area of the bathroom that many homeowners may not give enough attention to. Not only does your guest bathroom design need to be simple and functional, but it must also cater to the needs of your guests. Outfitting your bathroom with proper storage can instantly increase the level of convenience they experience. Make sure you stock these storage spaces with the necessary toiletries your guests may use such as spare towels, toilet paper, and tissues. Keep everything organized so your guests can access these items effortlessly.

Almost as important as what you need in your guest bathroom is what you don’t need. Remove items that your guests do not need to use and relocate them to another space. Clutter will create inconveniences that your guests are better left without.

#3: Cabinetry is Crucial to Convenience

The proper way to store these items is with cabinetry solutions that are customized to fit your guest’s needs. Bathrooms see their share of wear and tear so not just any cabinet material will do. Quality cabinet materials will endure heavy use and retain their appearance when cared for correctly. Kingswood Designs offers high-quality cabinetry lines with custom options that will deliver exceptional results. We can help you design bathroom cabinetry that suits your unique needs and budget.

#4: Give Your Guests the Space They Need

Who will use your bathroom? Your mother-in-law? Young nieces and nephews? No matter which guests you have in your home, you want them to feel mentally and physically comfortable when they use your bathroom. Space plays an important role in their level of comfort. Remember, functionality is the most important feature of your guest bathroom.

As you continue designing this area, take note of how much visible and practical space you’re providing for your guests. Installing wall hung cabinetry, for instance, increases visible floor area, lending a larger sense of space. However, installing too large of a cabinet can take away physical space that hinders mobility. Make sure your design includes enough room for your visitors to store their personal toiletries and get ready. This is an especially important consideration for younger children or older adults who may require additional space to comfortably use the bathroom.

#5: Enhance the Space With a Luxe Feature

You’ve kept a focus on function throughout your guest bathroom design and now you can enhance this space with a fantastic luxe feature. Adjustable or recessed lighting can dramatically impact the space, creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing bubble bath or providing the ideal clarity and visibility for applying makeup. A heated towel rack is a warm welcome for guests stepping out of a hot shower in the winter time. As long as these luxe items don’t interfere with the functionality of the space, they can be seamlessly integrated to create the ultimate guest bathroom.

Transform Your Guest Bathroom With Help From Kingswood Designs

Don’t let the quality and appearance of your guest bathroom suffer from neglect. Make this space an inviting haven for your guests with a gorgeous remodel. A simple and functional design that features appropriate storage solutions, plenty of room for mobility, durable cabinetry and an attractive luxe feature will provide the ultimate level of comfort and convenience for your guests.

From conceptual design to flawless execution, the Kingswood Approach delivers unparalleled results. Rely on our experts for your guest bathroom remodel and watch your ideas come to life. Reach out to us today to set up a complimentary design consultation.

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Volpatti Signature Renovations is now Kingswood Designs

Volpatti is now Kingswood Designs

New name – same quality products and services that our customers have come to expect!

Our name has changed from Volpatti Signature Renovations to Kingswood Designs! While our name may have changed, our approach to business has not. We will continue to operate with the same management structure, at the same South Park location, with the same contact information.

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Trends in Bathroom Design

No Threshold

Bathroom design trends have made significant changes in recent years, favoring larger showers with additional features, and in some cases eliminating bathtubs to accommodate these showers. When the bathtub is eliminated, there is additional room for luxury shower add-ons, as well as opening up a number of creative options for shower space. The latest trend, which is steadily rising in popularity, is a “zero threshold” or “no threshold” shower design, which is simply doing away with the curb between the bathroom floor and shower space. This allows for a more open design that can add a dramatic flair to an existing bathroom design or increase accessibility for those with mobility issues.

Bathroom Trends

When considering this type of shower design, it is important to take into account the existing structural issues of your current bathroom space, as well as ensuring that you have the room for the type of shower that you desire. A professional bathroom remodeling expert should be able to examine the area and recommend the right design to allow your new shower to seamlessly transition into your bathroom floor.

In addition to structural requirements, a bathroom remodeling expert will be able to address any water containment issues, as far as constructing the necessary drainage for your particular style of shower. Because the needs of each homeowner are reflected in a bathroom remodel as well as their personal taste, there is no “set” procedure – the actual design plan is a reflection of each unique bathroom space.

In addition, a zero or no-threshold shower has two key benefits: a more streamlined look and a space that is easier to maintain. A shower space with an “open” feel gives the illusion of more space, complementing any style, with a number of creative options such as decorative tiling or built-in benches. The continuous floor space provides an easy-to-clean floor space with fewer places where moisture can collect.

Sleek, Stylish and Easy to Clean

Cleaning the bathroom is without a doubt one of the least liked chores in the average American household – in fact, a “Chore Wars” survey conducted by Jelmar, the manufacturer of CLR cleaning products, lists cleaning the bathroom as the number one most-hated chore for both parents and kids. Perhaps this is the main reason behind the current bathroom-remodeling trend, designing easy-to-clean bathroom spaces with sleek and modern lines that are both functional and stylish.

Understanding the needs of today’s homeowners, Kingswood strives to stay on top of the changing trends in Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation and Design, offering quality products that are not only stylish but durable. Our tiling options feature TruColor, a patented, water-based, urethane grout offering the ultimate in color accuracy, stain protection and crack resistance. Easy to clean, this revolutionary approach does not require sealing, and eliminates the problems traditionally associated with grout, such as mold, mildew and discoloration.

In addition, we offer Schluter®-DITRA’s tile solutions, a waterproofing membrane and vapor management layer that accommodates moisture from beneath the tile covering. Hygienic and maintenance-free, this innovative solution provides a watertight surface that allows for an esthetic surface that is durable and will retain its look.

Having a functional, easy-to-clean bathroom does not mean that you have to sacrifice beauty. If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom to better suit your family’s needs, Kingswood can provide you with quality design services as well as expert installation. Whether you are looking for replacement products or a complete renovation of your bathroom and surrounding space, the experienced professionals at Kingswood have the tools, the knowledge and experience to help you achieve the function you need with the look that you desire. Contact Kingswood today or visit their showroom, conveniently located in Pittsburgh’s South Hills area, and speak with a professional, in-house designer.


Space Saving Ideas For Small Kitchens

Space Saving Ideas For Small Kitchens

For busy families, it seems that you can never have too much space. However, working in a smaller kitchen can pose space limitations that can often prove frustrating if not overwhelming. However, limited space doesn’t mean that there can’t be some improvements that can make organization easier, creating a more efficient and stylish kitchen space. The following are a few space-saving solutions that can help you make the most of your space:

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Tips For Living Through The Bathroom Remodeling Process

Remodeling Your Bathroom?

Preparing for your bathroom remodeling project involves more than just selecting your fixtures and cabinetry – there is also the renovation process to consider. While any home remodeling project has its share of inconveniences, it is important to keep your eye on the end result: – a beautifully remodeled space that is functional while yet inviting.

The bathroom is the most personal space in your home, and throughout the remodeling process you will have your family as well as a team of professionals coming and going throughout that space. The better prepared you are in advance, the better you will feel about the overall process. The following are a few tips to help you prepare:

Bathroom Remodeling

  • Create a “backup space” – If you have an extra bathroom in your home, this is the one you’ll be using, so be sure that everyone in the household sets some sort of a schedule to avoid confusion. If your home is limited to one bathroom and you are planning on staying during the renovation process. Some alternative options include renting portable facilities, or utilizing gym club memberships.
  • Don’t make plans for entertaining guests – It is not a good idea to have high traffic in a home that is undergoing a remodeling process, particularly when guests need to use the restroom. The perfect time to plan for guests is after the bathroom remodeling has been completed, and it is the perfect time to unveil your new restroom space!
  • Clean out your current space -Be sure to store all of the necessary items where they can be accessed when needed. This is especially true for personal toiletries, there are many varieties of inexpensive bathroom organizing bins that you can use to separate family members’ items, while keeping them where they are within reach.
  • Create an accessible work area – The Design Team that will be working on your bathroom remodeling project will need to be able to have a clear pathway to get back and forth, as well as be able to bring in the items necessary for the renovation. If there are any items in the pathway that you don’t want damaged, be sure to move them or take measures to protect them.
  • Seal off your rooms – Blocking off the construction zone as well as any vents in the room with plastic sheets will help to control the dust. Because dust will filter throughout the home, cover carpeting with plastic sheets and protect large pieces of furniture with sheets or blankets. Having a fan can also help to allow ventilating construction dust out of the house.
  • Make a photo journal – Keeping a record of the progress not only allows you to remain focused on the end goal, but will provide you with a before-and-after record of your bathroom.

Kingswood Designs is Pittsburgh’s Premier Single-Source Remodeling Company, specializing in kitchen and bathroom renovations. Offering quality cabinetry and countertops, Kingswood’s experienced design team strives to meet the unique needs of each customer, creating Signature Spaces designed with today’s families in mind. For more information, contact Kingswood Designs today to schedule a consultation.

Living Through The Kitchen Remodeling Process

The Kitchen Remodeling Process

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Current Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2015

Bathroom Trends

As most Pittsburgh homeowners know, the kitchen as we know it has changed. The room that was once considered simply a place to prepare meals has undergone a complete overhaul to meet the needs of today’s modern families. And 2015 is bringing about major changes in another important area of today’s homes: the bathroom.

Bathroom Remodel Trends

A recent Angie’s list study polled over 1,000 contractors, asking them how consumer requests and budgets have changed in the recent years, with surprising results. More than half of the con-tractors surveyed reported that their customers intended to spend more on bathroom remodeling in 2015, with many willing to add anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 to their bathroom remodeling budget.

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